Saturday, October 13, 2018
Local trails with some first-of-season snow!

Tom from the 4x4 group scheduled a trip for Johnny Park and Pierson Park. We had some first-of-season snow and I'm curious how much will still be on the ground.

Heading West towards Lyons - a season first seeing some white on the peaks! They were lighting up nicely in the morning sun.

A fair bit on the ground where the sun hadn't melted it away.

Areas with sun - dry.

Right about this spot, when I followed the truck, I tried for a more difficult path. I turned both differential locks on and I was greeted with...

...the sound of snapping metal. I knew exactly what happened without getting out to look. Some lower cost lock-out hubs living up to their lower strength capability. Time to replace is like changing a tire. Cost to replace (for the lower cost item - about $115).

Not too often is the sound of an airplane scooting about.

An old jeep out today. Driver & passenger dressed warmly.

Pierson Park South

Different areas of the trail had a fair bit of snow. The group stopped before a long, in-the-shadows descent to see if it would be wise to tackle - we decided to not test the waters. This trail is an out-n-back and we'd have to get outselves back up the long, steep incline.

At the end of Pierson Park North. The group walked out to the landslide area. I stayed in the sun and soaked up the silence.

At the newly re-opened Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park. It keeps getting washed out by floodwaters.

The City of Loveland owns it. Their page for this park - additional info to enjoy

The park is significantly different from my visits before this recent flood.