February 5, 2006

I joined a "coffee meet" of some STN folks in one of the Milwaukee suburbs. Being close enough to town I decided to spend some time poking about the city. While no spot warranted a photo I did end out on the breakwater and with the freezing water crashing up and over parts of it I decided to snap a few pix.

Ice coated rocks and chain link fence.

The lake was rather calm - until the last few feet

You can pick out a couple people standing by the ice coated fence and you can see a faint rainbow between the right two "yellow paint strips".

Crash goes a good sized wave!

Looking out towards the end of the breakwater.

Another set rolling in...

That crashed into a nice wall of spray.

Get ready...

for some cold spray!

Inside the breakwater the surface is calm enough for one boater to putt about.