Saturday, September 10, 2022
McClellan Mountain ridealong

The jeep is still out of commission so I rode along with another group member for the McClellan mountain trail ride. A question was what will the aspen trees look like - are they turning? (not yet - but they are starting).

Weather in town and all the way to Denver and into the mountains near Idaho Springs was full cloud cover and mist/rain. Grey sky everwhere. Around Idaho Springs spots of blue were above. At Georgetown the sky was mostly blue. The day's looking up for good views! Up above timberline, where the views widen, the sky was void of clouds - except to the east - low clouds were everywhere.

Today was a nice day to be in the mountains!

The smooth water, ahead, is hiding a couple rocks that are looking to make a bit of noise.

In the last 20 feet of stream crossing there were a couple unexpected bumps from rocks. It seems the gas tank now holds a bit less fuel (no leaks).

Low clouds - grey sky for the city folks.

I'm curious if they'll be there when I return (yes, fully).

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360 view from McClellan Mountain
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The Santiago Mill

It is being saved

A bit early for the aspen trees