2003 July 22

Deer strike in the Honda Wagon
242,900 miles
9 pm

Heading back to the office from an appointment - passing through a heavy deer activity area....

The animal was crossing from my right to left and was fully in front of the car when we hit.
Road limit is 45 mph but I was traveling about 35.
I did not notice the animal at the side of the road [read: so I kept driving and hit it] but did notice an oncoming car.
The car hit it and I watched it get tossed into the air - perhaps just below roof line.  I kept following it with my eyes (while stopping the car) as it spun upside down, landed on its back in the other lane and then slide to the curb of the roadway.  It was alive for not more than three minutes.
Neighbors came out knowing what had happened.
I left a note on the county hwy dept's door a mile up the road.
Now to find a hood and headlight.

Front grille pushed back an inch or so on the right side of the car (left in this picture)

This picture only faintly shows where the animals neck / head hit the hood (left portion of the picture) though you can see saliva from its mouth on the fender (right side of pic)