1990 Spring Break
Seattle with Frank

S. Dakota / Wyoming area


Side trip to Mt. Rushmore - S. Dakota




Leaving Mt. Rushmore - the back way through Deadwood




Snow covered Rocky's - approx Butte Montana




Train tunnel



Butte Montana.  Backdrop would be one huge mountain up into the clouds.
I-90 just came down from that area.  Big snow.


I-90 entering Idaho.  In mountains, trucks stopping to don chains.
Traffic approx 2 MPH going down hill.


Eastern Washington.  Beautiful clouded sky.  Endless view.


I-90 @ Vantage, WA.  Crossing the Columbia River.  Steep down grade, then SHARP right turn, huge wide river.  Then 20-35 minute ascent.  2nd gear (3rd maybe) and foot way down on the gas - traveling up at 40 to 50mph.


Clouds over mountains in WA (approx 2:30p).  Snoqualme Summit.
Place where I-90 (& everything else) shuts down because of huge snowfalls (2 - 5 feet).


Entering Seattle (I-90 approx 4pm).  Coming down from Snoqualme Pass & crossing Lake Washington west of Mercer Island.  Most expensive road in the U.S. because it is a floating bridge on the water.


Seattle.  North view from the "Space Needle"


Seattle.  S/E view from the needle.  King Dome & downtown in direction of Mt. Rainier.


Seattle.  W-N/W view from the needle.


Seattle.  West across the Puget Sound.  "The Globe" (bottom right) is the newspaper building.


View down from the needle.


View East from the needle.  Downtown - notice two mono-rail tracks in lower right corner.


Traveling South into Seattle.  Notice the needle above the pickup roof at right edge of picture.


Powerplant / waterfall.  East of Seattle.



Ford Wagon - quite similar to the one we were in - except ours was Maroon, dented, a bit rusted


Rock formations.  Utah / Wyoming area.


Traveling into Denver.


Rockies backdrop, Denver, Flatlands East of Rockies.


View of edge of Rockies from flatlands East of them.  Denver area.


View East showing flatlands / rolling plains - Just East of Denver and the Rockies.