Kelly Flats
Join a few other fourwheelers for the opening weekend of the Kelly Flats trail

Join in for the Kelly Flats trail. This is the opening weekend of the trail for the season.

Heart Attack Hill seemed easier than I recall. The Chutes, with a little bit of water on the tires, made the obstacle more difficult. There was a large crowd at the chutes out watching.

Weather was reasonable. A risk of spotty rain, enough to put the top up for the second half of the day, but not more than a few dots on the windshield.


 9:34 am - Leave Fort Collins
10:18 am - Arrive eastern trailhead
10:40 am - Start trail
10:46 am - Heart Attack Hill - no waiting / no stopping
11:21 am - The Chutes - arrive
             Watch a TJ try, Michael up and down, Gerald up
12:38 pm - The Chutes - leave
 1:20 pm - Arrive western trailhead
             Drive 1/2 mile to Picken's Point to air up
 1:58 pm - Start the drive to Fort Collins
 3:00 pm - Arrive Fort Collins

The Kelly Flats trail. Most start at the eastern trailhead. Some folks, like me today, are a through trip while others return back to the eastern trailhead.

Profile from town

Profile just of the trail

Heart Attack Hill
The left edge is easier route up. There are different sections with assorted rocks / holes / ledges to work at.

A reasonable amount of blue sky. Will it hold?

Nice white peaks to the south.

Getting high enough for some natural aspen growth.

Michael, with the buggy, directing a TJ through The Chutes. After multiple tries - no success.

If the driver side tires drop off of the rock, driver side mirror / metal / paint damage from the rock is possible.

Michael's turn - no concerns of it not making the trip. He went up, down, tried the harder "right side" line (no joy) then up again. A gent from the crowd asked if he could ride along - sure thing - just keep your hands inside.

Heading up the second half of The Chutes

Coming down.

Trying the "right path"

Gerald's turn - success with some water can carrier scraping higher in the chutes

Clouds filling in. The bottom's aren't too black - but getting there.