July 20 & 21, 2019
Trail cleanup (Barbour Fork) & first visit to Adams Lake.

Fort Collins to Idaho Springs for 4x4 group trail cleanup. Then I-70 west to near Glenwood Springs to jump into the White River National Forest to investigate camping at Adams Lake.

Leave Adams Lake, tow a non-running Subaru out of the forest and leave it at Gypsum. Ferry the two people and their dog to a hotel in Eagle. Try to take the trail "over the mountains" northeast of Steamboat springs but get turned back by a locked gate. Back to the highway and offer assistance to some folks with an overheated camper van. A late night trek down the Poudre River valley back to town for a solid night of sleep. I had plans to attend Sunday evening Mass but the Subaru project used the time. I think it a worthy alternative.

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