2011-11-06 (Sunday)

Travel Johnny Park Road, with light snowcover, with a group from Front Range 4x4

This will be my second visit to this "road" with two differences - we're planning on traveling the complete road instead of just "the best parts on an out-n-back" and there's a bit of snow to play with traction.

The group processing the obstacle west of the lunch spot
MPEG format, 3m 51s, 39MB

Out the western end of the road we're looking at weather (clouds and snow) over the Continental Divide mountains area. While it may have been snowing "other there" for a long while, and with the weather blowing to the east (over rme), it's interesting that the clouds magically disappear leaving clear skies. It's one of the attractions to the area - sun where you want it and snow where you want it.

Looking west - snow...

Looking east - clear!

Coming into the town of Estes Park. The white buildings are of the Stanley Hotel.

My dinner view

When driving from Glen Haven to Estes Park we zig-zag up a rise and pop over a ridge and are presented with this majestic view. I was driving the other way tonight but decided to turn around, park and take in the sight as the sun dipped below the ridge.

Here's a large panorama photo of the area
(click for different view)