Sunday, July 10, 2016
Barbour Fork spring trail cleanup

Meet up with the jeep group to clean one of the two sponsored trail - Barbour Fork.

With many trail runs, the focus is on either scenery or technical obstacles to get over or around. The cleanup runs are a tad different. While scenery and obstacles are there as it is a trail, the day is more social as we get out at "places people gather (and leave trash behind)". While cleaning (picking up junk) folks often chat.

Heading south on I-25 a hot air balloon was setting down (south of Longmont)

On the trail at the first cleanup spot - a public lands shooting range. I wish I took a before picture. Six or seven orange traffic cones, one oxygen concentrator machine, one Keller-Williams aluminum sign with stand, plywood and boards and a host of glass and shells.

Pack out what you pack in needs to get through more heads.

I left the back seat ouf of the jeep knowing it'd get filled. I didn't expect it to be filled at the first cleanup location...

Nice views!

Oh-My-God road is the horizontal line in the hills at the center. The tan pockets are mining debris.