Sunday, August 20, 2017
Storm Mountain, Storm Drain (mostly), 153c westward

Last minute decision to visit a new-to-me local trail on a Sunday afternoon. Two others were to join in for a nice afternoon outside. The trail was a nice mix of good views with some fun rocks to get over.

Most of the way up to the trailhead - Storm Mountain (county) road looking east.

Looking south. Estes Park is in the valley between the two farthest ridges (center of pic).

Mount Meeker - far left high peak with Longs Peak just to the right of it (and slightly taller).

(Click for a larger size)

Looking east through south

Annotations for the above photo - looking over Fort Collins

Storm Mountain
Up / Left into the trees for a scramble to the peak

Heading northwest on 153b to see what's out there, hoping to find a good viewpoint for a sunset (but no, unless I wished to scramble atop some rocks).