Saturday, May 7, 2022
Exploring around Leadville Colorado

A close up of the Leadville area. Most of the roads were "go as far as the snow allows" type of roads.  Note Mosquito Pass in the top right corner - referenced later.

At the end of the day I jumped over to Turquoise Lake. The water level was rather low and it still was ice covered.

I-70 west of Denver. Up and over one of the large hills we enjoy this view
(and almost every time I take this same photo).

Loveland ski runs

At the junction of I-70 and CO-91 - Copper Mountain ski runs.

Just over Fremont Pass

On the trails - a "power line run" - Colorado Style (those mountains in the background make it differ from a Wisconsin power line run).

Stopping to let some air out of the tires - this'll help for a smoother ride today.

Blocked by snow. If we really wished to push through we could have. I walked to the top to get a few photos to see what was around the corner.

Power line access trail.

Up top looking about.

Back down to the jeep.

Turned around - heading back to Mark
The jeep hood is clean - something to watch through the day - it'll end up fairly mud spotted.

We were in the 10K to 11.5K feet today. A fair bit of snow will be encountered.

This is a huge mining area - of days gone by. Relics remain here and there.

Click for a larger size

Of note - the concrete footings. At some point they held some machinery - perhaps a steam driven cable hoist. Somewhere nearby would have been a boiler and a place for the headframe / hoist (perhaps that wood rubble to the left).

Some chute device. I don't understand how this device worked / where material was delivered to it and on what level.

Beyond is the town of Leadville with Turquoise Lake in the background.

Click for a much larger size image

A bit of mud splatter atop the hood...

Classic railroad right-of-way. Instead of rolling over the hill or around the hill - the railroad will move the hill for flat, straight travel.

Jeep hood mud spatter check - it's getting more covered. About 1/2 of the mud spots on the windshield are on the inside.

Heading up Mosquito Road towards Mosquity Pass (snow's way too deep & the gate's closed).

Mosquito Pass road is perhaps the "middle" angled line on the mountain in the background. The pass is around the corner to the left. I have traveled that trail once from the other side to this side.

I do not know the name of the mine in the foreground. Fortune Mine is one possibility though the map shows it to be a tad behind me and off my right shoulder.

Turning around to check on a different trail.

Good views today!

We found another utility run. This one is a buried pipeline - water.

A fair bit of mud splatter today - at least it's just light splatter and not heavy / thick mud globs (more difficult to clean off).

Jumping over to Turquoise Lake for a peek - a first for me.

There were some sections of forest that had been cut - the sections didn't look too nice.

The hood's fairly covered.

Spillway - Morning Glory design.