May 27 (No pictures)
Fly to Huntington Beach CA

May 28 (Pictures - 203KB total size)
Drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (actually 47 miles north of the rim) and camp overnight.  The white car is a 1980 MG-B convertible.  My Brother Tom's car that I was driving back from CA to IL for him.

May 29 (Pictures - 204KB)
Hike down the North Rim to Cottonwood campground.  Two groups of five.  Five from CA and five from Phoenix.

May 30 (Pictures - 572KB)
Hike across the basin to the Phantom Ranch campground

May 31 (Pictures - 471KB)
Hike up the South Rim, pack 5 smelly people in one car for 4+ hour drive to the North Rim (to pick up the other cars), drive back to Las Vegas to meet up with Dad

June 1 (Pictures - 279KB)
Drive to the Hoover Dam w/ Dad and do the Hard Hat tour then start driving home (in the general direction)

June 2 (Pictures - 144KB)
Drive through Zion (was raining so had to have the top up), across the Glen Canyon Dam (Lake Powell) and over to the 4 Corners area (where UT, CO, AZ, NM meet).

June 3 (Pictures 1 - 493KB) (Pictures 2 - 505KB)
Ride the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Narrow Gauge Steam Train ride (Chama NM to Antonito CO) and drive up towards Breckenridge

June 4 (No pictures)
Drive up through Rocky Mountain National Park and East on Route 34 across Eastern CO into South Central NE.

June 5 (No pictures)
Drive through Eastern NE, IA and home to IL

Side Notes
These pictures were taken with a Kodak DC210Plus digital camera.  Almost all pictures were lightened a little.  These are 50% size of the original.  If you wish to have a 100% sized picture just let me know.  The total picture set (100% sized) is 11.5MB in JPEG format.  8MB and 10MB CF (Compact Flash) cards were used in the camera.  A SanDisk CF to PC-Card adapter was used to copy the images into a laptop.  The high quality, large size setting on the camera allowed 27 images in the 8MB card and 38 images on the 10MB card (roughly).

The MG had oil leakage problems.  Less than 60/63 MPH it would go about 150 miles between an oil check/fill (1 to 2 quarts).  Over 65 MPH it would leak 2 quarts of oil in 50 miles.  The trip odometer came in handy in this area.  We went through over two cases (24 quarts) of oil.  I started the trip buying one or two at fuel stops - then realized I'd be better off buying it by the case.  Of course the least expensive stuff available.  20W-50 was the first case.  40Weight was the second.  The back of the car was coated in oil/dirt - not to mention the whole bottom of it.  California / Nevada speeds were 75 Interstate, 65 two-lane Hwy.  As we drove east the speeds lowered.

Roads Recap
The trip started in Huntington Beach CA, then out I-15 to Barstow, Baker, and Las Vegas.  I drove down the strip in Vegas (Bad Idea #1:  The MG loves to overheat and the strip was a traffic jam - get me to the open road!).  Back on I-15 to St. George (general area) Utah.  Note:  Where I-15 cuts through Arizona there are some wonderful mountains.  Oddly it does not seem that there is a major elevation change as you go through them.  Nice scenery.  Leave I-15 and head over to Zion on UT 9.  From UT 9 take US 89 / Alt89 South past Kanab and Fredonia to Jacob Lake.  Camp at Jacob Lake with Tom, Michelle, Ken and Mike.  Next three days - hike the Grand Canyon and return to the North Rim.  Pick up the cars at the North Rim and drive back to Las Vegas (US 89 Alt to AZ 389/UT59) to Hurricane then I-15 to Vegas.  Hoover dam via US 95 in Nevada.  Then I-15 back to St. George area and again through Zion on UT 9.  US 89 to Page (Glen Canyon Dam).  From Page, AZ 98 to US 160 to 4 Corners area.  Back down US 160 (4 miles) to US 64.  US 64 East to Bloomfield.  At Bloomfield we unknowingly made a drastic wrong turn, taking NM 44 S/SE instead of US 64 E.  When we were going through town we made a turn to a restaurant.  Leaving the restaurant we continued on the road in front of the place.  My mistake - I don't know why I fumbled that one.  I turned on the gps (Garmin GPS III) at some point and noticed it was showing 44 as the hwy we were on.  Remembering 64 should have been the one we should be on I started looking at the maps and looking at the curves in the road (from the GPS).  At Bloomfield we turned right when we should have gone straight.  We wanted to stay at Chama NM (for the train ride).  Now we have to find a place to sleep (Cuba, NM) and wake up early enough to make it to Antonito, CO by 8/9am the next morning.  Well, we awoke at 3:20am and started north on NM 44 then branch off on NV112 to unknowingly spend 20 miles on a DIRT road.  Fortunately it was dry as it's unpassable when wet.  The 20 miles took about 45 to 50 minutes - at about 20 to 30 MPH - very bumpy.  The plus was the remote location - great!  When we came on El Vado Lake / Dam I was a bit scared of the road across the earthen dam - it did not look like a safe structure - but was open to one lane traffic.  Water was high on one side and the other was a sizable drop off.  Guard rails?  What are they?  Back to US 64 East to US 285 North to Antonito.  Bus trip to Chama, NM was via CO 17.  At the end of the train trip we took US 285 North to CO 17 North to US 285 North to US 24 North to CO 91 North to I-70 East to Dillon.  Next day we took I-70 East to US 40 North to US 34 North/East through Rocky Mountain National Park.  Route 34 was the main road we took east through Eastern CO, NE (also a stretch of NE 6 as it's more direct than US 34) , IA (US 34 goes through Ottuma - ficticous home or Radar O`Riley from MASH - oddly, no mention on the signs coming into town) and IL, then I-74 North to I-88 East to IL 2 to Rockford.