May 23, 2008
A Friday evening trip to Greeley CO proved to be an exercise at changing a tire.

Rolling on a 6-lane wide (3 each way) town road I started to hear a ticking noise. As I slowed for the red light the ticking noise slowed as the car slowed. Could it be a rock stuck in the tire tread? As I sat awaiting to make a left turn at the light I could sense the right rear of the car sagging. With a green to go it was confirmed - there's a flat back there. Thump-Thump-Thump to the nearest parking lot (close at hand).

As getting a flat is rarely a fun event this one didn't do much to get me upset. Perfect weather. I was in no rush to get anywhere. An empty and flat parking lot was at hand. To top it off - the tire was soon to be replaced. You can't make out much for tread in this photo - I have enjoyed a good, long life with this tire.

Photograph time: 6:43pm

Tick-Tick-Tick as the wheel turned

Ready the NASCAR #3 gloves for the task - thanks to Ken's Dad for the useful gift! No dirty hands will be had in the event. The only sad part - the tire won't get changed anywhere near standard NASCAR pit speed.

The length of the item was a surprise.

Time of last photo - 6:59pm - about 15 minutes instead of 15 seconds.