The below items were additional description for the eBay sale of this automobile.

1991 Honda Accord EX Wagon
rare Honda body style

Second Owner, my daily car, since 1993
No Pets - No Smoking so the interior is still quite decent.

275,150 miles (approx)
Extremely reliable
Engine oil & filter changed every 2000 miles
Lots of life left - take it on vacation this summer

22 to 27 MPG ACTUAL
(I've even seen just above 30 MPG a few times)

These are great cars!
I replaced this 1991 EX with a 1993 LX
(though I'm already missing the EX's moon roof)

Functioning remote entry key included
(point at drivers door to unlock/lock door or point at tailgate to lock/unlock all doors)
Other Honda Wagon auctions make no mention of this key - quite handy
No batteries to change - it recharges in the ignition key slot

Shifting up through the gears and then stopping; engine starting; engine sounds; exhaust sounds
(both video's show the same content - pick the format you prefer)
MPEG format (3.4 MB)

On to the pictures...

Click for a larger size

An issue with these Honda's is the rear wheel rust pattern.  Considered a minor point for some - this car
is showing the typical rusting.  Click the large size pictures to see it closer.

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Moon roof retractable shade cover


Center console
(parking / emergency brake, stuff / coin holder, rear passenger ash tray, knob on the driver's seat is the adjustable lumbar support, map pockets behind both seats)

Sub-Woofer (in a wagon? - I like it!)

More storage room

Cargo cover

Secure cargo area - out of site out of mind

  Pet Net (as I call it).  Some Honda's do not include the cargo cover / net with the car - this one does and it works well (retracts w/o binding).
Very functional if you wish to keep a pet in the back.

60/40 split rear seats
The cargo cover / pet net removes in a snap

Ample cargo space

The trunk
Full size spare, jack, tool pouch, tie-downs, lower and upper storage bins

Lower storage bin on the left side too

Engine - no issues outside of the A/C unit.  There is a leak and the Freon has escaped.
Find the leak, recharge the system - cool to go

Click for a larger size

Click for a larger size

Decent tread life
matched set of four (spare is different)

1 HG CB9869MA012024