Saturday, July 21, 2018
JWnet - Front Range 4x4 - Spring Cleanup Run - Devil's Canyon

The Devil's Canyon trail (black track mark) is quite close to our other sponsored trail, Barbour Fork, which is in the brown hasmarks to the right of Devil's Canyon.

Intro signage - fire restrictions listing to be put up.

Down the dead-end spur - status.

Shelter pulled down / cord & wire removed as trash.

Twisted pair communications at work in the forest!

Meet up spot for our group. We split half to cover different portions of the trail. It was nicely timed. We formed together for the major loop - also splitting up / hop-scotching for different camp / trash spots.

Picnic table without legs - strapped atop as refuse for forest service notification.

Resting spot for the table - along the portable toilet refuse. What people leave behind for others to tend...

In two minutes we'll get a stronger rain, with some sleet/hail.

I have the small top bimini / bikini - take your pick - it'll get put on quickly though with no doors my left leg will get a tad wet. No worries. Winter coat is on. Medium road speeds would have some subtle rain getting the inside of the windshield though at highway speeds the windshield would stay dry.