Saturday, April 28, 2018
Miller Rock exploring

The order of the day is to explore the trail system of Miller Rock. The "typical" day is to head in the Raymond trailhead, make a stop at the rock and then head out the Glacier View Ranch exit. Some folks visit the difficult obstacle down by the creek crossing though many do not. Much of the northern trails are rarely visited.

Photos and videos from others for the day:

From the main intersection area, heading down to the creek.

Down to the main creek crossing. There is a network of trails on the other side of the creek. It'd be nice if we could explore them too.

But with this tock bump in the trail we decided to turn around. It offered enough "tippy" and slippery with no catch tree on the low side - a down hill tumble is too much of a risk.


Cross the creek back to the main obstacle.

Wheel waves are a given at this spot.

Looking east northeast. The plains just visible on the horizon. The creek was slightly visible down in the valley.

Click for a larger size

Second crossing visit

Heading out from a dead ender. Moving down to Miller Rock.

Airing up at Glacier View Ranch
(Thanks folks for letting us exit through your property!)