Friday, August 20, 2021
Pole Hill Sunset Run

The weather took a turn the night prior - a cold front came through and dropped a reasonable bit of rain. This might clear some smoke from the sky - a bit improved - but long views still ended up with some haze. Temps were nice to a tad on the cool side - winter coats were put to use with a no-top-no-doors jeep ride.

Invited were a couple guests from Loveland. With the jeep having only one spare seat I'd need another vehicle joining in that would have a spare seat. A couple spare seats were available - a nice evening enjoyed by all.

On the road to Glen Haven - some horses enjoying a nice field.

Snacks at the Glen Haven General Store, nicely enjoyed, we're dropping down into Estes Park

On the trail. We'll make two "counter clockwise" loops tonight - leaving a nice overlook spot for last / nearing sunset.

The mix of tree types

One of the campsite spots - facing southeast

Same spot - exposing for the sky to see the mountains

The large meadow

Looking north

Longs Peak, center, in the haze

Looking over south Estes Park

The last bit of sunset

The Notch

and the crumbling boards nearby

Looking at Lake Estes