Saturday, May 25, 2018
Pickle Gulch Trail

Join the jeep group to travel Pickle Gulch - a trail I've yet to visit. The trail starts near the Peak-To-Peak highway and extends up into the forest. We will either turn around and head back or we'll connect into another trail or two. The area is heavily traveled from mining days. There are old mines (and a scant few current mines) heavily scattered through the area.

After the trails I made the typical jump to the East Portal of the Moffat tunnel. No train today though the trek from the highway to the tunnel is enjoyably scenic.

I know that US 34 between Loveland and Estes Park has opened. For the past two winters it was under resident permit access only. The highway is under construction from the floods several years back. Knowing I can get to Loveland from Estes via US 34 - it's time to see if the General Store in Glen Haven is open. Warm Cherry Cobler, Soft and sweet Cinnamon Rolls, Taffy, Fudge. MmmmMmmm.  I arrived five minutes before close and was the last customer. Cherry Cobler was not available but a cinnamon roll was!!

Sadly, the first half of the photos were not usable. I believe I had the camer set to some manual setting for a project vs. automatic landscape scene. The first half of Pickle Gulch - no photos.

`must be around 8000 feet for a gove of Aspen trees.

End of Pickle Gulch trail. A nice Continental Divide view to take in.

James in his trusty 1970 CJ-5 and Victor with his "new car smell" 2018 JL Rubicon


A mill site for one of the mines. This looked like a five layer / step mill.

Heading out, passing on a second level of the mill site.

Out from the trails - head north a half-mile to Rollinsville and head west to the East Portal. A scenic trip. Maybe we'll see a train today.

A first seeing any rail car parked on this spur.

Walking behind this Subaru, it caught my eye with the high ground clearance. Checking out from the side - larger wheels / tires than stock. The body is trimmed (or bashed / missing) to make'm fit.

And then we get to the front end... Not your typical Subaru accessory.

Heading from Rollinsville up to Estes Park / Glen Haven I saw this car, blinkers still flashing, parked on the side of the highway (Hwy 7 & 72 area).

An Audi in full Jiffy Pop mode.

It seems to be animal vs. car. No sign of an injured / dead animal or any person in the car. The car would seem drivable - except for all of the airbags being deployed.