Sunday, October 22, 2016
Trails - Johnny Park & Pierson Park South

Johnny Park in blue.
Pierson Park "south" in yellow.

Pierson Park used to be a "through" trail but the Twin Sisters Landslide in 2013 cut the trail into two. We traveled the southern section of the trail up to the landslide area. The walk from the landslide to the parking area took only two or three minutes.

Johnny Park

Out from Johnny Park, we're now on Pierson Park South

Early season snow remaining in the shadows. Today is one of the remaining days for no-top on the Jeep (though a coat was with me).

Landslide area - looking up stream.

Downstream is the left protion of the photo. The right portion is the old jeep trail - now blocked so it won't be used. It would be great if the trail were to open again as a through trail.