Sunday, May 14, 2023
Miller Rock

The season is starting. While I did see a large patch of snow near Estes Park, the trail was snow free. Temps were comfortable even with the cloudy, sometimes drizzly weather. A benefit to the other-than-blue-sky typical day was low traffic. Only one other jeep was on the trail with us (we passed each other two or three times).

Clouds are low - though the road is dry.

A bit of a "Wisconsin" scene.

The U-Pump It in Lyons closed. Sketchy ownership the past few years.

It is the last gas station on the right before heading into the mountains. It has ample meeting space and with an easy right-turn-out we'd sometimes meet here.

The tie-rod wrecking tree root (not my tie rod at least).

From the intersection area of the trail - the difficult route to Miller Rock. Left of the tree is getting washed out.

Nice to enjoy the GREEN

The significant obstacle for the trail. The low side, which was shored up with timbers - they are sliding downslope.

We turned around and headed out.