Thursday, May 7, 2020
Quad removal from Miller Rock

From the visit last weekend to the Miller Rock trail, we came across a burned quad out on the trail. With the quad was a small trailer - still in good condition. My assumption was that the quad, late last season before the winter snow, became disabled. When it burned I do not know. With me being first tracks through the snow this spring my assumption was that the owner of the quad tried to remove it last fall but could not. The trailer and quad likely sat out through the winter. My desire was to remove the items from the forest. I'd get the trailer attached to the jeep and get the quad tied onto the trailer, pulling them out to the nearest public road for the Sheriff to be able to process the items.

I contacted the Boulder County Sheriff's Department, explained the issue and sent some photos. They commented that getting a tow truck was difficult these days and they wish I contact the Forest Service to see what they might wish done. I tried calling the FS, Boulder Ranger District - no human responded. My mind moved from pulling it out to the nearest public road to pull it down into town and deliver it to the Boulder ranger district office - with a nice "tag, you're it" note.

Thursday looked to be a nice weather day (temps still touching 70F with cooler temps on the weekend). I had an open day and Tom from the jeep group had time. We planned to visit the trail, get the burned quad onto the trailer and haul the items out of the trail system via the longer and more difficult route (neither the Sheriff nor the FS was involved that might allow easy access through a locked gate). When Tom and I came to the quad's location - it and the trailer were gone. We were at the trail Sunday afternoon - late - so the quad was likely removed Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday - a small window of time. I wonder if the Sheriff's office contacted the owner (via the trailer VIN I supplied).

Anyway, our goal for the day was resolved. We had time on our hands. Two kids out exploring. Tom had yet to travel the southeastern section of the Miller Rock trails so we traveled most of the sections. Out of Miller Rock, still very early in the day, Rock Creek was a consideration. We trek'd up there only to be turned back by snow. On the way towards town we stopped by Taylor Mountain / Brite Trail as Tom read that it was open - to be greeted by a closed gate. OK, plan D, on the way towards home is Dry Saint Vrain. We checked out all of the nooks and crannies of it - something that was a first for me and I enjoyed the exploration. From there we called it a day.

The burned quad and trailer that were our goal

Condition of the big snow pack I made first tracks through four days ago. The photo after this is the same snow pack on Sunday.

With the quad removal project not on our plate - tied with a blue-sky day, most of the photos of the day will be of grand scenery!

Creek level - just above the axle with 35" tires.

Off of Miller Rock heading towards the Rock Creek trail.

Rock Creek

I was able to ride atop the snow to get to this clearing to turn back. Tom's tires kept breaking through the snow - he couldn't push forward. We're turning back.

Looking back at the snow I was able to stay on top of.

Last photo of the day. No picture of the closed gate at Taylor Mountain or, curiously, no photos taken at Dry Saint Vrain.