Friday, July 13, 2012
Meet with Ken for some Illinois trail riding

The jeep made a trip to Illinois so while there I looked into some local trails. The Cliffs Insane Terrain in Marseilles was one to make the list. Ken was able to join in and he captured photos while I drove. Many of the photos and video are credit to him.

The day started with an impromptu host showing a group of five the general layout of the offroad park. Ken and I were at the tail of the group. The host had everyone drive to the right of a mud hole but I looked at it and thought - it looks dry... it can't be that deep... and decided to ride through it. That wasn't to happen and this is the result. The group leader / host brought his jeep to the back to give me a pull out of the hole. A 35" tire disappeared into the muck and the fender was barely touching. A bit earlier I made a comment to Ken that I wasn't too interested in getting the jeep muddy.

Pulling me out of a mud hole, uprighting a tipped jeep
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Our gracious host.

The front wheel's filled with mud.

How deep could that be?!

A bit of the thick goo came out with the jeep.

Back moving through the treed trail system.

Photographs typically "flatten" the terrain.

Out to the obstacle course (tires and such) one jeep decided to run a driver's front tire up the planted tire. Left front went up, right front hung in the air for a moment - then decided it needed ground under it - but none was nearby until the jeep was past tipover point. As it was second in the line and we were last we had a decent view of it going over.

Not too much damage - right side glass, cracked hard top, cracked windshield, bent windshield frame. Out come the winches to get it back on its feet.

The white line on the top's black coloring (ground) is one crack.

The leader / host

Getting the winch ready.

The yellow jeep was used to pull the tipped jeep backwards / off of the tire.

There is a creek that passes through the place. Not much water in it this dry summer.

I do enjoy the lush green of the Midwest!

Click for a larger size

At the obscacle arena there was a flex ramp.

There were several hills to play with.

Another jeep tagging along (always good to have help at hand).

Good, thick rain clouds passing Northeast of us.

Ken headed out and I went back in for one more trip. More pix from the creek.