Sunday, July 29, 2007
Under the good looking edge of a storm cloud.

Out for a short ride to the north edge of town I ended up being under the edge of a storm cloud - as the sun was in its "golden hour". While "good looking clouds" are common, they're typically "way over there". To be at the right spot at the right time (good lighting) is rare. This was a treat. The "old" digital camera, relegated to "glove box use" came in handy.

Most of the photos taken are listed - so with one subject and thirty-two images, this page may seem boring & repeititve. Scroll fast, stop at the ones that hold your gaze.

Rain to the east of me

Click for a larger size
Stitching courtesy of Thor [Thundergod @ STN]

The above stitching was with the PhotoStitch software that came with the camera. Below was stitched with Adobe's stitching app in their Creative Suite 3.

This, and the next three, are the same except that we'll "back away" with each shot.

A favorite

This one is my current desktop background image.

As the Earth rotates to the east sunlight is blocked by the western horizon. The lower clouds are now not being lit and are turning from golden to white to grey.

Most of the orange and gold is gone. In perhaps 20 minutes the show set up, played, and left.

What's the saying... "Elvis has left the building"