Saturday, October 7, 2023
Fall Trail Cleanup - Barbour Fork

A beautiful fall day - well enjoyed outside. Temps and breeze were PERFECT!

On the way in we came across this rock. While not overly in the way, we decided to move it to the edge of the trail - on our way out.

Signs are in good shape.

A downed forest service sign "don't drive here". Not intended for the formal trail where my jeep sits but rather a 'new' trail down the mountainside.

The trail passes through private property. The new property owner does not want "trespassers" and has installed fencing and gates. The trail, which used to be a nice loop, has two dead end fingers.

Fortunately, people are not damaging the fence / gate.

Deadfall clearning

Trash removed

Overall - not too much. General thought is - fewer people are getting out to the forest vs. people being more in tune with packing out what they pack in.

The orange hoodie, in nice condition, was tied to a signpost. It likely fell off and the person never noticed it. Another person likely found it on the trail and put it on a signpost. We're removing stuff - so it's getting removed. It might find itself as warm weather clothing that stays in the jeep.

The aspen trees have - no gold to be had here. Down at the trailhead there was a stand that was in good yellow.

Pulling the rock to the other side of the trail - to a more out of the way spot.

Moving the rock
18sec, 1.3MB
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