26 February 2012 (Sunday)
Lefthand Canyon, Fireman Hill, with a bit of Castle Gulch & Big Momma Hill

Starting out on Lefthand Canyon. Our goal was to skip Big Momma Hill at the start due to the thought of breakage - we wanted to save any option until the end of the day.

We went straight up LHC to the first kiosk. From there we went up Fireman Hill. That trail ended at the upper/second kiosk where we took the left fork for Castle Gulch. Not far up that route was enough snow on the uphill that stopped all of us. We deviated back to the upper kiosk and then went for the right fork for Castle Gulch. Snow on this section wasn't an issue, though there were sections of packed snow and ice. We went a bit on that trail but turned around as the trail is narrow - and one vehicle in the group was wider & taller than trees & branches on the trail. We turned back and stopped at the upper kiosk to decide what route to take back.

Fireman Hill, we had been on, though we knew the conditions (one 'in the trees' uphill snow run). We decided to go down via LHC and see about driving UP Big Momma and circling down and out. Heading down LHC was tedious with packed / slick snow on a side hill with sections of no "catch trees" on the low side. We took our time and made it down w/o issue. Most of the group toyed with Big Momma (Will? made it to the top and came back down) and then we called it a day.

The place was busy with people driving (stock pickup trying to see how far they could get, three groups of ATV's, loads of people target shooting).

40.5MB, MP4 format, 2m 38s, 640x480

Starting up Fireman Hill

Still working up Fireman Hill

The Bronco trying to get over one rocky section (the first winch of the day - there were several)

Up near the top of Fireman Hill
(a pic of the last three vehicles)

Not sure of this - perhaps the first / left route for Castle Gulch

Back from the first Castle Gulch route, now we're taking the right fork of the loop.

Heading down LHC - after the first cautious spot.

Toying with Big Momma Hill
(it's not as long as I remember it)

The first target shooting area.