Saturday, June 28, 2014
Pole Hill (in/out) & Johnny Park (west to east)

Meet with a group to travel Pole Hill (in & out) and Johnny Park (west to east with a back-n-forth for a couple obstacles).

Last fall's rains produced a washout trench in Pole Hill's meadow, two slumps of hillside onto the trail and a second washout section of trail. I was curious as to what the trail would be like this season. The meadow washout has been opened up / repaired (by the Forest Service) but a nice section of trail has been blocked off. I will be curious (might check with the FS) to see if the blockage is permanent or temporary. If temp, for how long?

A westward view at Pole Hill's trail set.

(click for a larger size)

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Looking west, over Estes Park, to Rocky Mountain National Park.

We walked up to Panorama Peak (9284 ft) and found this lookout tower (and it was open!). Up stairs and into a nice room then more stairs to the roof. A nice view!

Walking back to the gate where the vehicles were parked
(it would be quite nice to have the gate open to drive up).

Working down to the meadow.

The meadow (with nice spring green!) with a nice view to the Rockies.

This is about where the washout trench started...

The vehicle width, three foot deep trench has been removed.

Jay's about at the end of the repaired washout.

What's this on the right?!?! An unpleasant sight. Temporary or permanent?

A closed trail - the one we would typically take at this intersection.

Now to take "the other way".

The power lines (that Pole Hill Road brings utility vehicles to repair) with Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Notch

(Click for a larger size)

The small slump. Hillside material, on the right / high side, loosened in the saturating (4-day) rains of last September. A bit of the hillside let loose and slumped onto the trail.

Perhaps fifty feet later is the large slump. It seems to have been tamed as last season it was somewhat difficult to navigate.

Spring GREEN - wonderful!


Driving south on Highway 7  we come across this slide.

On the Johnny Park trail. A harvested area - bare with refuse.

Heading down the more difficult obstacle area - with a nice view to the plains.
We would process down through it, u-turn to drive up, then u-turn again to continue east.

Johnny Park is done (the eastern spur is gated / closed) so we're on the county road heading down to US-36. A fair bit of this road (wherever it is now gravel) has been washed out by the floods.

It used to be asphalt