Sunday, September 17, 2023
Mustang Coaster, Pole Hill

I heard that the Pole Hill trail is having some power line constuction project. I was curious to see for myself - so off I go.

First stop - some snacks at the General Store and then to Pole Hill - but not without a spur of the moment stop at the new (ish) mountain coaster near Estes Park. A first visit for me.

After Pole Hill I thought about taking a trip up-n-over the mountain via Rocky Mountain National Park - but alas - they're still requiring entrance papers so I was turned back.

The fun stop for snacks at Glen Haven
Blueberry Cobbler today, some milk, and cinnamon roll for later - at the Pole Hill lookout.

Some fresh snow atop Long's Peak - snow that might well last through to spring.

An impromptu stop at the Mustang Mountain Coaster (I think that's the name). It's a new-ish coaster and this is my first visit.

The carts are affixed to the rail / they can't jump the rail - so it's full speed even where the corner seems too sharp. It is a different experience to the common alpine slides.

New powerline construction - anchors placed with a wide path of cleared trees

A gracious Thank You for the gift certificate to the Glen Haven General Store.

The gift is generous such that family commented upon a fun use of some of it - let the store know that if some of the balance could be used as a gift for another customer, they may treat a customer or few.

Visiting the store today, I was told they used the gift for a couple customers and that one customer was very appreciative and thankful for the gift.

All around - Thank You.

From a prior visit to the lookout spot I was told there exists a GeoCache. A couple other folks were up at the spot while I was there. They were over by the cache so I told them to look for it - they found it.

Pole Hill power lines - old (wood poles) and new (metallic)

I have an idea to see if I can get into the park for a drive up-n-over - for a long way home.

The Stanley

A fair bit of traffic out today - but this late in the season - the sidewalks are not overly crowded.

Rejected from the park - I'm back near home.