Saturday, April 6, 2019
Ride along for some difficult trails

A few folks from the 4x4 group were heading to the Penrose Commons trail system for some extreme / difficult trails. While it's a class above what my jeep is capable of I asked if they'd have any open seat where I could ride along. TJ, in the white buggy, said he'd have an open seat. A day later, Alex, who lives in town with me, offered a seat in his yellow buggy and a ride to the trails. Alex and I met in town for the sub three hour drive to the trails.

Down at the trailhead, the four of us were ready to go. Decision - ride with Alex, who I rode with on an anniversary run a year or so ago, or with TJ who first offered. Well, I'll just say, the monster motor and wonderful exhaust tune made the decision for me. You'll hear it in the video.

Morning sun hitting the mountains - a prize for being up way early.

Sure, this'll be an EASY trail day - not.

Dropping into the first canyon - Independence

Wrapping up the first downhill canyon (all of 220 yards long).

The trail turns right and heads up another canyon.

Eighty yards later we'll make another right at the low end for the Patriot trail - heading up canyon for it.

Patriot is about 180 yards long.

Photo Time 11:00am

Everyone tries to navigate and not need winch assist - but sometimes it's the quicker answer to keep the day moving.

The upper end of Patriot

Photo Time: 12:03  - - -  63 minutes for 180 yards.

Good thing it's not about miles per hour today.

Curious boxes trailside

11 minutes
720p ( go full screen )