2008-07-20 TECH  1984 Honda Magna V-65 VF1100c F.O.I.L. box internal photos
2008-04-27 TECH  1984 Honda Magna VF1100c - Internal Frame Rust
2007-11-26 The sabbatical starts
2007-09-15 Northwest Colorado & the Canyons area of Dinosaur National Monument. Another accident.
2007-09-01 DAY TRIP  Fort Collins-Laramie-Cheyenne Triangle: Red Mountain, Union Pacific trains
2007-08-26 DAY TRIP  Deadman Road, the Lookout Tower, Woods Landing, Jelm Observatory, 'cross valley' road attempt #1
2007-07-06 DAY TRIP  Ride with Jammin. Loveland Pass, Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel, CO-125, CO-14, Stove Prarie
2007-06-12 4 DAY TRIP  Join the STN 2007 National meet at Custer SD
2007-06-04 DINNER RIDE  Meet up with some other riders for dinner at Estes Park
2007-06-02 DAY TRIP  Peak to Peak Highway, Moffat Tunnel - East Portal, Mount Evans
2007-05-27 DAY TRIP  Memorial Day Loop: Rocky Mountain National Park, CO 125, CO 14, Stove Prarie, Rist Canyon
2007-05-25 DAY TRIP  Walden-Laramie Loop
2007-05-21 "1 Hour Loop" Stove Prarie & Rist Canyon west of Fort Collins
DAY TRIP  Slimey Crud Cafe Racer Run 2007 - mostly just nice southwest Wisconsin little traveled winding roads
2007-03-26 DAY TRIP  Southwest Wisconsin and a bit of Iowa
2007-03-18 DAY TRIP  Mississippi Palisades State Park
2007-01-01 DAY TRIP  New years day ride. Mississippi Palisades State Park.
2006-12-19 DAY TRIP  Ride some of Wisconsin's "Alphabet Soup" roads. Nice county roads on a nice sunny day.
2006-12-17 DAY TRIP  ST.N coffee meet at the La Grange General Store with a Kettle Moraine area ride
2006-11-24 DAY TRIP  The motor is swapped out. The bike is running. Time for a shakedown run.
2006-11-08 TECH  Motor swap. Oil modification. Exhaust repairs.
2006-09-25 TECH  VF1100c 1984 Honda Magna V-65 rocker arm wear.
2006-09-10 1 WEEK TRIP  Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway
2006-09-08 DAY TRIP  Towns and areas of Princeton, Galva & Kewanee, Illinois. Sunset and moonrise pictures.
2006-08-10 TECH  Motorcycle wheel balancer - static, hanging
2006-04-27 6 WEEK TRIP  Taiwan and Thailand - Two weeks in Taiwan. Four weeks in Thailand. Places to see - sights to capture
2005-09-02 16 WEEK TRIP  US & Canada - Trip of a lifetime - 4 months & 23,500 miles. Four corners of the the "Lower 48" plus Central and Western Canada along with Alaska
2005-08-20 TECH  Battery Eliminator box - version 2
2004-09 1 WEEK TRIP  ID-WY-MT trip - Ken and I trailer out to Wyoming then take to the bikes for several days
2004-08-15 DAY TRIP  N.A.R.T. IL to WI - Join along for a ride as Hank delivers the shirts to Stevens Point
2004-08-01 TECH  Battery Eliminator boxes - version 1
2003-10-11 DAY TRIP  Southwest Wisconsin - Fall colors with Luke and Greg
2003-08-30 1 WEEK TRIP  Colorado Adventure - Ken and I ride around Colorado (and parts of Utah) for six days
2003-05-30 DAY TRIP  ChiVinMoto FWAM-D - Meet up with Ken and some Chicago Vintage Motorcyclists for a ride in South West Wisconsin
2004-08-07 DAY TRIP  SW Wisconsin - Ken and I day trip to Wisconsins "Alphabet Soup" roads.
2004-07-25 TECH  Camera Play - Toying with the video camera....
2002-12-29 DAY TRIP  Warm enough for a ride - Meet up with Jim & Joan Petit at the Miller's.  Hop over to Freeport
2002-11-08 DAY TRIP  Savanna - Ken stopped out and we headed over to Freeport to see if anyone wanted to join in - Stormy and Larry were there so off we went....  Near Mt Carroll, through Savanna, up to Elizabeth for lunch, down to Hanover for some nice riding then hook back up and through Galena to catch the western portion of the Stagecoach Trail
2002-11-03 DAY TRIP  Late fall ride - Meet up with Luke at Sycmore, have lunch (Thanks Again!!), Ride the curves of McGough road, check on the R.R. bridge construction, water tower near Genoa
2002-09-21 DAY TRIP  BBFAJJ - Meet up with the Chicago Vintage Motorcyclists folks for a group ride around JoDavies County / Galena Illinois
2002-08-22 1 WEEK TRIP  Northern Wisconsin & the "UP" of Michigan - Check out the snowmobile areas of Northern Wisconsin and the UP
2002-08-16 TECH  V-65 Final Drive - Partial disassembly of the 1984 Honda Magna V-65 final drive unit
2002-07-14 DAY TRIP  Mississippi River again - N/W Illinois & S/W Wisconsin.  Wyalusing State Park
2002-07-07 TECH  Camera External Trigger - Make an external trigger for the digital still camera - take pictures and keep both hands on the bars
2002-06-13 1 WEEK TRIP  Deals Gap Trip #2 - Ride down to Deals Gap with Ken.  Many side trips and sights!
2002-05-18 DAY TRIP  MtCarroll - Ride with Ken.  Byron nuke plant, White Pines State Park
2002-05-10 DAY TRIP  S/W Wisconsin - World's Largest "M".  Potosi Brewery.  Mississippi River.  Lots of curvey roads.  One nice day
2002-04-12 TECH  Handlebar mounts - 1984 Honda Magna V-65 Garmin GPS and digital camera setup
2002-04-11 DAY TRIP  First Warm Day - Ride out Stagecoach trail to Galena.  Head down side roads towards Savanna
2002-03-30 DAY TRIP  GeoCaching - Ride with Ken looking for some local GeoCaches - see
2002-03-17 Usenet-RM Saved Usenet messages - Rec.Motorcycles
2002-01-27 DAY TRIP  Rare January Ride - Northern Illinois in the winter season isn't much for cycle riding - this day was an exception
2001-06-08 1 WEEK TRIP  Deals Gap Trip #1 - Deals Gap cycle trip with Ken (also where I broke my ankle)
2001-04-17 Yamaha XS400 - Yamaha XS-400 Special II
2000-10-12 DAY TRIP  Cycle ride with Ken - Ride out to Savannah & Prarie DuChein with Ken
2000-09-25 DAY TRIP  Flat tire cycle trip - Riding the Yamaha down to DeKalb - getting a flat front tire - and riding back