Monday June 4, 2007

Meet up with some of the Twisted Shaft Motorcycle Club members for a weekday dinner ride. All I knew was that they would be meeting at the Loveland K-Mart at 5:45p. I'd soon find out the destination would be food in Estes Park. There were a few dark clouds and we did get dripped on a bit along with some wet roads though the trip was mostly dry.

Company was enjoyable which made for a pleasant evening. Thanks folks!

Larry (with his spotless bike) talking with Justin and Laura who just pulled up.

Mary & Steve

US-34 west of Loveland

Between Drake & Glen Haven.

Glen Haven behind us, heading up the hill to the switchbacks

Switchbacks just completed, popping over the ridge to head down to Estes Park. Nice snowcapped peaks in view.

I wish this shot was 1) a little less blurry and 2) had more definition for the mountains.
Not much I could do with the photos on this page, a moving camera with low light = poor photos.

Heading down US-34 after dinner. Low light / slow shutter shots for a different effect.

Some video clips stuffed together
WMV, 1 min 31 sec, 3.9MB

Trip Stats
Total Time : 2:11 H:M
Moving Time: 1:47 H:M
Trip ODO   : 77   MI
Overall Avg: 35.3 MPH
Moving Avg : 43.4 MPH

GPS stats from my house, sitting in the K-Mart lot, ride up to Ested Park, ride back home.
Time spent at dinner (1h 29m) not included