Digital Still Camera Trigger

With having the camera on the bike I wanted to be able to take a picture whenever I wanted - but with the camera's built-in trigger I would have to remove a hand from the handlebars, move it up to the camera's trigger, and hold it for 1 to 2 seconds to take the picture (that's if the camera isn't in sleep mode - when it's asleep the first push wakes it up upon which it takes about 5 seconds to accomplish that).

After enough missed pictures I started thinking about an external trigger - one where I'd not have to remove a hand from the bars.  These three pictures show the result - a small piece of plastic that snugly fits between the grip and the controls with a pushbutton placed so that I can push with my left index finger - even while pulling in on the clutch lever.  The switch, holder, and wiring are not mounted on the bike and can be readily installed / removed without any tools.




Kodak DC-50 with a four prong jack in its side