January 27, 2002
With little snow (3.0" as of today) for the season - and predicted possible record breaking temps in the high 60's (F) - it is a nice day for the odd winter season cycle ride.

The route - basic track line (Click to download tracklog data Zip'd 14KB)

What the route looks like overlaid onto a map

Heading South on 35th Street a block from the house

Heading West on Blackhawk Road



The long straight over to Freeport




Stop by the airport and join up with Larry & Gary.  Heading South on Baileyville Road.

Heading West from Forreston IL

A ways west of Forreston - you're high on a hill with a good view around

Looking N/W near Savanna.

The horizon is Iowa / the Western edge of the Mississippi River


Railroads just seem to be everywhere...



Gary (left) & Larry, Savanna IL

Jim & Gary

Some twisties.  Leaving Savanna on the high ground East of the Mississippi.


(scroll right to see full picture)


Downtown Stockton, IL

Four days later - about 5" of snow