Motorcycle Wheel Balancer
Static, hanging style

The debate was on - to make a stand style wheel balancer or a hanging style....

They would both be about the same to make - a standing style with some 2x4's would be easier and less costly but a hanging style wouldn't be any large task either. The hanging style would have one advantage over the stand style - it would pack down to a small and easy to stash size. Since I wouldn't use it often this would be a certain advantage. This is the first whack....

Here's the finished product.

Parts list
(6') of chain
(6) 5/8" key rings
(1) turnbuckle
Some copper wire (I had planned to use some of the chain in place of this - but the chain would have contacted the bearings)
(4) bearings (part # below)
(4) 1/4x1+" bolts
(8) fender washers
(8) finishing washers (not _needed_ but they did make a decent spacer for bolts through the bearing inner race)
(4) nuts
(2) nails
(2) 1" x 1/8" metal bar

I could have skipped the "key rings" and threaded the copper wire directly through the chain but this gives me some easy options to separate the items.
And in the background - Ah, the nice flaking chrome tape of a mid 80's Honda wheel.....

Two nails and hang things up! The turnbuckle side allows for leveling the axle. I leveled it by eye - not with a bubble level - and "by eye" seemed sufficient.

Bearings in use.