Taiwan & Thailand
April 27, 2006 - June 14, 2006

Two weeks in Taiwan, Four in Thailand

Why? A friend, Felipe, who lives in Taiwan (we met while he was attending school at the University of Illinois) has always said "Come on over, anytime". I've always said - "Some day, when I have time". Since I now have time - this must be "some day". What about Thailand? Well, several have mentioned "If you're going to fly that far you might as well visit some other area too." OK! Pull out a dart, a map, a blindfold....

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Date Destination Miles Notable Items
April 27 Thu & 28 Fri  Taipei, Taiwan 8630 Travel: Rockford Illinois, U.S.A. to Taipei, Taiwan
April 29, Sat Dayigwong, TW 185 Taipei 101, National Palace Museum
April 30, Sun Dayigwong, TW 50 Students joined in - lunch and swimming
May 1, Mon Dayigwong, TW 77 On my own and "click happy". Scenery, Forts, Lighthouse, City gates, Wind generators, Penghu University, Fireworks [caution: big page - I am considering breaking it up into smaller pages (11 MB download if you click it)]
May 2, Tue Dayigwong, TW 20 Day off, seafood lunch
May 3, Wed Dayigwong, TW 50 Lunch with Tom, GPS class, Tug of War, Fireworks
May 4, Thu Dayigwong, TW 50 Lunch, Students, Dinner
May 5, Fri Kaohsiung, TW 140 Ferry to Kaohsiung, Follow my "Hotel Helpers"!!!!
May 6, Sat Kenting, TW 102 Finally - some mountains, push a scooter
May 7, Sun Taitung, TW 132 Oceanfront riding, some side valley trips
May 8, Mon Hualine, TW 181 Eastern half of the "Southern Cross Island Highway" !!!!
May 9, Tue (hotel near the summit) 110+ Coast south of Hualine, Taroko Gorge & Highway - amazing !!!!
May 10, Wed Chiayi, TW 155 Finish the Taroko Gorge Highway, Sun Moon Lake.
May 11, Thu Alishan, TW 48 Alishan Forest Railway (48 miles) - trek up
May 12, Fri
All or highlights
Penghu Islands, TW 231 Alishan Forest Railway (48 miles) (many photos) - back down, scoot to Kaohsiung (78 miles), ferry to Makung (90 miles), Makung to Dayigwong (15 miles)
May 13, Sat Penghu Islands, TW 0 Chores / prep for the flight to Bangkok
May 14, Sun Bangkok, Thailand 1800 Travel: Taiwan to Thailand [Taxi to Makung airport (25 min, $400 NTD), flight from there to Taipei domestic (~50 min, $1760 NTD), bus from Taipei domestic to Taipei International [TPE / Chaing-Kai Shek] (50 min - $~150 NTD), Plane from TPE to Bangkok (~ 4 hours?), Taxi to the hotel.
May 15, Mon Bangkok, TH 20 City tour, Thai massage, Pantip Plaza computer stores
May 16, Tue Pattaya, TH 91 Bus trip down, find a motorcycle rental (hire) shop, walking about
May 17, Wed Pattaya, TH 19 Chores: currency exchange, rent a bike, get insurance
May 18, Thu Pattaya, TH 35 Ride about town - nothing fancy - only two photos
May 19, Fri Chantabury, TH 133 First day out on the bike - highway roads and some beach roads
May 20, Sat Nang Rong, TH 240 Out into the countryside. Hills separating Thailand from Cambodia
May 21, Sun Nang Rong, TH 49 Prasat Hin Khao Phanom Rung Historical Park (Phanom Rung)
May 22, Mon Buri Ram, TH 80 Get into town and find a Honda dealer to do the chain/sprockets work
May 23, Tue Buri Ram, TH 77 Kick about the countryside - small roads & final chain work
May 24, Wed Nakhon Phanom, TH 277 Haul up to Nakhon Phanom - put some miles on!
May 25, Thu Nong Khai, TH 224 Waterfall, Rockets, sunset pix
May 26, Fri Nong Khai, TH 138 Three wheeled motorbike taxis, topiary
May 27, Sat Phrae, TH 362 Fun roads - river scenery, hills. Long trek.
May 28, Sun Phrae, TH 27 (web work) Wats, jaunting about town.
May 29, Mon Nan, TH 123 Side roads to Nan - remote mountain twists up, nice valley road along.
May 30, Tue Chiang Mai, TH 244 Mountain roads, waterfall search, Andrew & Rob
May 31, Wed Chiang Mai, TH 214 A dead ender day - scenic and FUN - hill villages.
June 1, Thu Chiang Rai, TH 250? Nice scenery - valleys, hills, clouds. Unexpected curves. Gorge
June 2, Fri Chiang Rai, TH 6 (web work) - no pix
June 3, Sat Chiang Mai, TH 178 Bike performance issue - fixed? Yes, Fixed !!!
June 4, Sun Mae Hong Son, TH 173 Mountain twisties for 85% of the day - it was a long 173 miles, camera issue - 1.5 hours of photos not recorded.
June 5, Mon Mae Sot, TH 268 Small road in remote areas; rain, rain, go away
June 6, Tue Kanchanaburi, TH 369 A nice day with pleasant roads and scenery
June 7, Wed Kanchanaburi, TH 322 Three Pagodas Pass, good scenery
June 8, Thu Hua Hin, TH 136 River Kwai bridge, hop to Hua Hin
June 9, Fri Hua Hin, TH 5 Some rest, web work, kicking back time - the trip is wrapping up.
June 10, Sat Jomtien Beach, TH 265 Slogging along doing transport duty, Bangkok traffic, nighttime beach.
June 11, Sun Pattaya, TH 8 Return the bike, final hotel change.
June 12, Mon Pattaya, TH 0 Web work. Kick back and do a "bunch-o-nutt'n"
June 13, Tue Rockford, IL, US 10300 Travel: Thailand to Home