Bikes lined up on the sidewalk. Pizza delivery at the far right (red boxes)

An unusual bike for Taiwan

Step-Through scooters rule. They are amazingly versatile!

Bags hanging from the handlebars. Package sitting in the step-thru area. Package hanging from the rear.
One kid standing in the step-thru area. Younger kid "strapped" on.

Police scooters

Penghu University - campus parking - count the cars vs scooters

There are three or four people on this one...

Keeping the sun off of the hands. Note the tail of the scooter - manufacturers slap on a "slogan"
some are marketed towards males while others are towards females

"Four Wheeled" bikes are somewhat common.

A rare bike. Still 125 or 150 cc engine size.

Postal delivery - green

Unused bikes at a Yamaha dealership

A scooter - plastic removed - to be "painted" with rust retarding grease

New, clean.

Pulled over by the police

Coat on backwards to keep the clothing clean

Child Seat - Taiwan Scooter Style

Scoot pulling a trailier

Honda X4
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