June 4, 2006 - Sunday
Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son

Turns, Turns, Turns - all day long.

Good mountain scenery.

Camera full (and the LCD wasn't working to tell me so) - 1.5 hours of images not recorded.

Bike running well - even with altitude changes.

I stayed at the YMCA Hotel. This gent, Mr. , was vehicle security. I understood that he immigrated from Myanmar. He gave me his phone number should I need help and said that I should go slowly on the ride to Mae Hong Son (with good reason - I recall one dramatic off-camber, mid-curve road surface change).

Thinking back - is this the first uniformed person to have a photo taken? He ensured that he had his cap ready and offered a nice salute. He impressed me.

Trees, trees, trees....

Turning about from the vista point.

Click for a larger size

A vast area. I noticed NO signs of human mark "out there".

I managed, in the shots of the vista point area, to not show the trash. It was in the brush "downhill" from the railing as well as off to the left of the motorcycle. Litter and trash is an issue. Riding down the road, while not frequent, it is common to see trash being thrown out of windows (buses) or tossed out of the hand of someone on a motorbike.

The old bridge across the creek / river. Efforts were underway to ensure that the new bridge would not wash out. The riverbank (to my right) was at a bend and the end of the bridges were at risk. With the rainy season approaching crews were working to shore-up the area.

While crews were working kids were swimming in the far right pool and men were fishing in the left pool.

Well, from my simple notes at the top of the page I said that "1.5 hours of photos" were not recorded. With the LCD not operating and most of the lights of the camera no being visible in "daylight, bike mounted use" I rely upon looking at the lens - seeing if it's retracted or not (and if not - is the lens cover open for use). I started to notice "no green lights" using the optical viewfinder but didn't give it much concern - I didn't remember if there should be lights or not. Finally getting to a spot where I wanted ensure the image was recorded I decided to dig into things.

The camera can't tell me much not having the LCD so I popped out the laptop. Sticking the camera card into the laptop I now saw the issue - the card is full. A rare thing. Unloading the card I spent a few moments with the camera and noting which lights blink and when do they blink. So, from here on out I'll be sure to give extra attention to a couple small green lights.....

This photo is just down from a ridge top vista point - I'll head back up to the ridge and "re-take" those shots. This is a hill tribe village tucked into the scenery.

Backup up on the ridge.....

So there ya go. Ridge top photos done!

At some later spot in the day - a rain shower "over there".

Hmmmm - a worthwhile stop - but one that had mosquitoes to keep my hopping.

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