May 04, 2006 - Thursday
Around Penghu Islands

Observations: The police will often drive around with their lights on - or at least one of their top lights lit. Stoplight stops are most always rolling stops - sometimes generous rolling stops - unless you are waiting for a red light to change. While most cars and trucks are of the smaller size, buses and my first sighting of an ambulance, show them as being what I am used to from home - large, standard, "what I'm used to" size. Dented vehicles are RARE here. The vehicles are generally in good shape (though some scooters show battle scars, rust, sun age).

The past few days hasn't shown me deviating from this route much.... I do wish to see the area south and east if Makung - Hu-hsi, Ai-men, So-kang. I think, when I return on the ferry, it will arrive early in the day and I will have some time to visit those areas.

Lunch. Felipe is shielding his clothing from the sizzling hot plate of food - just served.

380 NTD (New Taiwan Dollars) for the whole lunch - about 12 USD

One of Felipe's students - Hsiao Ming-Tom. He is deaf so we did some writing, Felipe translating. I learned some sign language today.

Felipe looking at the big, and generally friendly, pig.

Dinner - PIZZA! And out of the beverage case they asked - "What would be the most American drink?" - Coca-Cola / Coke for sure. Appetizers were also ordered - French Fries, Onion Rings and some Fried Chicken. The ketchup was a little different - much darker in color and slightly different in taste. So here is thisAmerican, sitting in Taiwan, eating Italian.

Electrician's truck

This is in a city park and is undergoing a cleaning. Felipe said it is four people (the round things are heads). Three are alive and are in sorrow for the one that is dead. I asked who the dead person was and he said it was the first doctor to die from SARS.

Hmmm - well - know you know. In the washroom at the university they have "typical" urinals and two stalls. I checked out one of the stalls - yep - a squat toilet - flush style. No toilet paper about - bring your own and place the used sheets in the basket.

OMG - THERE THEY ARE. Trash trucks waiting to spring from their corner of the world to wreak audible havoc for an evening.

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