May 28, 2006 - Sunday
Around Phrae, TH

Not much - I just poked about town a bit. Some small roads in the old sections. Several wats.

Ornate lamp posts.

Small roads in the old section

Small town roads
MPG, 2.4 MB, 36 sec

The old bridge across the river.

And the current one.

There was a group of folks looking over the upriver side of the bridge so I figured I'd take a peek too. The crew was trying to clear the log jam.

Yea, another pot shot. They're just trash pots.

The base of the pot and the middle section of the lid appear to be sheet rubber - not coming from used tires.

Over to the "Big C" store for some batteries. No luck on the granola bars or the hand cleaner.

Bling! (no plate - very new). Notice the "chain" plate decoration on the left bike.

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