May 2, 2006 - Tuesday
Penghu Islands, Taiwan

Felipe was taking the day off. His dishwasher had failed and the transport truck was to arrive sometime today to pick it up. His plan was to do some work about the house while waiting for the truck. I stayed in too and worked on the trip pages. It was a nice day - overcast with a hint of rain - and I considered taking off for some photos but I ended up staying at the keyboard. A relaxing day. I spent the morning at the dining table and the afternoon / evening at the second floor "office" desk by the window. [While Felipe mentioned that vacation time should be used in any way desired, and thought my choice to work at the keyboard perfectly acceptable, he did comment at the end of the day that I did spend ALL DAY at the keyboard....]

At lunchtime we traveled south for some seafood - all sorts of things that this inland person hasn't eaten. Blowfish (poisonous until it is cooked) was Felipe's main suggestion (I really do think he's trying to kill me off), fried squid, crab, noodles with pumpkin, cantelope for desert. The Japanese? mustard was hot (the green paste) but it is unlike hot peppers. The mustard flamed the nose and forehead - for perhaps five seconds and then was gone. Hot peppers flame the mouth on up - and can last a long duration before slowly fading off.

After lunch we stopped to get fuel and then stopped by his landlords house. His landlord also runs a "souvenir" business. She gave me a bag of dried squid - very tasty. Felipe said it is dried and flavored (sugar and something else). Somewhat akin to eating string cheese. [It went into the refrigerator at his house - and I remembered twice that I should get it out for the airplane trips to Thailand - but in the end I didn't remember at the crucial moment - I'm sure he's enjoying it now]

Not much of a trek today - Started at the north end, lunch at the south end.

Felipe in the kitchen - sitting at a small table - studying some engineering calculations in preparation for his lecture.

We are heading south going out of town. The white side lines denote that this is the 'main road' for the area. The highway is up on the hill but if you're traveling along the coast this is the proper route. Outside of the town the roadway is wider.

Masonry construction. Fences - many fences. Some splashes of color here and there.

Mail / Postal delivery. Mail is delivered to each persons door. It seems that out here few people get mail as seeing the mailman around town is rare. A nice delivery route to have!

This seemed like a nice, orderly, clean town. The hill in the top right is the one I climed to the "5 Hole Pillbox". You can just make out the stairs on the left side of it.

Felipe said this is a missile base - marine. The "white" fortress from a day or two ago is just up on the hill to the right of this picture.

Tidal chart. Felipe is seeing where the tide is at now. If you know the Lunar Calendar day reading it is easy.

Lunch stop - make your selection....

A freezer full of frozen seafood.

Felipe said that the seafood here was probably purchased in Magong because when the boats go out they will end up coming back to Makung to sell their catch and come back empty.

Yellow motorbike outside the restaurant.

Blowfish and Japanese mustard paste. The fish was rather rubbery

Fried squid. Good too.

Crab - and I agree with Felipe's statement - a lot of work for what you get.

Noodles with pumpkin.

Taking the main highway (203) back north to home. At the side of the road you can find almost anything.

We stopped at the bus stop at the top of the ridge to get a photo of the pearl farms. He did not know why this statue was placed here but it says "pearl" so at least it is fitting.

These gutters exist in many places. Sometimes it is covered with "inspection covers" placed every 20 feet. This, at the side of the road, would NOT be something you would want to get messed up with - either by stepping out of your car or by getting a wheel or two dropping into it.

This was sitting at the gas station. Looked rather new. Quite stylish and impressive. Still in tune with the 125cc size. Interesting to see the construction - while things are styled like a "big" bike many of the components are sized for the weight it is.

Coming back into town heading to the landlords house.

Coming down the hill. If you recall the photo of the town square with the temple we are coming from behind the temple and will make a left turn to head towards home.

Making the left turn by the green awnings.

The residence straight ahead (redish colored posts on the front gate) is across from Felipe's house - his is to the left of those gates. You can also see the "inspection covers" for the drainage ditch along the right side of this alley / roadway.

Home. I guess that the "residence" was built as part of the church but since the church as relocated the residence was available for rent. Yellow "mailbox"

Upstairs office.

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