April 30, 2006 - Sunday
Around the Penghu Islands, Taiwan

Several of Felipe's students came over today. We had a nice lunch, toyed with the trainset for a bit, then went swimming / exploring.

Train set
MPG, 13 sec, 1 MB

The group getting ready for a nice lunch. Many are sophomore level students of his.

Riding attire.... Add in shorts, a t-shirt, dark sunglasses.....

I tried to work the aperture priority setting on the camera to get one flower in focus and the others out - not quite successful.

Felipe's apartment is on the old Presbetyrian Church grounds. They built a newer building up on the hill.

Down by the sea. There was a LITTLE walkway off of the highway. It is valid to travel on it so we did. Had I not been with the group I would not have taken the scooter on it as an item like that would be off limits to vehicles in the U.S. The walkway was NICE. Fairly new (2 years perhaps) and constructed of the "plastic wood" (expensive in the U.S.). The Penghu Islands are a bit touristy and perhaps this was constructed with tourists in mind - but there is no advertising of it being here and the road (path) down the hill is small with no formal parking area. Unfortunately several sections of this have been damaged.

Translated: When a typhoon is near - don't loiter here.

The first damage area.

Notice the water level. Being an inland person I do not experience tidal change too often. I'm not sure if this was "high tide" but I was about to experience the tide going out. As such you will notice changes in the photos as we progress. I stopped back to this exact spot and took two photos as the day went. We ended up walking out to those "two walls". The two walls were from an old fish farm pond. You will see the "pools" later. There is a "third" wall to become visible....

Nice, clear water. Decent temps too.

Pearl farms

You can see one of the squid fishing boats - lots of lightbulbs on top.

Final damaged section - I didn't bother trying to walk around this area.

Vibrant in the sunlight

Felipe and Tom

Photo 2 of the water change set. The "third" wall is becoming visible.


The pier is now "dry" at the base.

Sea cucumber.

Tube coral

Sea cucumber

All sorts of stuff - they were very common.

Pearl - we put it back

Standing by one of the initial two walls

Hmmm - well. This one was a prize and was kept (eaten). An urchin. I didn't quite care for the taste but the others enjoyed it (I think Felipe is trying to kill me - he doesn't want me riding his nice motorcycle - lol).

Felipe was poking about and found this critter - which promptly bit him.

Tom's the crazy guy.

These things look cool. Often just an "arm" or two would be poking out from under a rock.

Sea life
MPG, 13 sec, 1 MB

Water level photo #3. You can reasonably make out the remains from the fish farm ponds.

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