March 18, 2007
An early spring trip to the Mississippi Palisades State Park

The Mississippi Palisades State Park / Savanna Illinois area is a refreshing distance from home. I like to visit - staying down by the river and watching the trains and tugs close up or heading to a bluff-top overlook for a wide view of the river valley. Two train lines pass through the area - BNSF traveling the eastern side of the river as well as jumping off towards Chicago, and a lesser used line (I&M / CP Rail) that travels out from Chicago, crosses the river here and travels up and down the river on the western side. 

At one of the park overlooks

No leaves on the trees allows for an exposed view

Looking south towards Savanna

A nice picnic spot. Ozzie overlook (IIRC) at the far north end of the overlooks.  A bit of "off the beaten path" and we're here!

Eagle Watching
Larger version