19 May 2002
Cycle ride

Ken stops out to my place.  I have the helmet radios working (replaced the power plug on my unit).  Head over to Byron, West to White Pines State Park, west some more through Polo, Chadwick, Hanover, US-20 to home with a stop in Stockton for a sub.

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The route


Byron nuke plant stacks


Always interesting watching the steam / cloud rolling and curling
(click for a larger image)


Ken & his Magna


We were there only about 1 minute before we were joined by the State Police.


Just a couple miles south of the nuke plant is this old road



White Pines State Park



The stream crosses the road at two points.  To add to the fun - if someone would try on a two wheels - there are speed bumps just before you enter the water and again just after you leave the water.  When I was younger on a family outing I walked across - and slipped in the mossy slime - getting rather wet.  I didn't want a repeat on the bike.  The three guys (left) between the pine tree and the shelter kept watching when we pulled up - perhaps to see if we were going to try it.
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Up by the lodge there was a handful of older cars.




Over in Polo we came across this Illinois State Police 'vehicle'.  I've not yet been able to find reference to it on their website(s).  It is a body only - with glass.  The white 'box' in the rear has a canister below it that had lines and pressure gauges.




Heading North into Mount Carroll


Mt. Carroll - crossing Carroll Creek
Wooden surfaced bridge with metal diamond plate tire strips.





One to remember - a nice road, sun shining through the trees...



High up on a hill - decending towards Hanover - looking down the valley with the flats of the hills visible on either side.