Battery Eliminators
Version 2
(version 1 is here)

Four DC-DC circuit boards in one project box

Original item on the left - version 1 box on the right.

Version 2 battery eliminator box - all adapters in one box.

The reason - only one power supply lead needed on the bike (instead of three to four).
Only one box to clip on / remove - a tad easier.

(4) 1500ma DC-DC adapters and (1) 1000ma DC-DC adapter
A single Red/Black connection for input 12vDC power. The blue wires spider out from the source power and connect to each board.
Buried in the box are four switches - they allow me to turn off any converter not needed
(in case I need to conserve power on the bike - does not seem to be an issue - I could have used just one switch - all or nothing).

v2 box with the XM radio antenna still stuck to it. Red/Black power in lead on the right.
Output leads color coded (with matching color code on the powered device - highly recommended -
as I did manage to switch leads between the Canon still camera (4.3v) and the Canon camcorder (7.5v) - causing damage to each device).

Power switches - off left, on right. Color coded.

Cooling air vents

Mounting pads on the headlight bucket - box removed.

Input 12vDC lead - fused, relay activated.

Dash - converter box just visible over the instrument panel - and to the right of the still camera

Box on top of the headlight

Power box - better view w/o the still camera blocking it.