SouthWest Wisconsin on a Nice Friday Afternoon
10 May 2002

The weekend looks bad - rain - but Friday looks wonderful.
Since I'll be working on Saturday I might as well take Friday afternoon off.

Click here for a track log (comma delimited text file format) of the trip
Click here for a Delorme StreetAtlas v5 map data file with annotations


Part of the black track - south of Orangeville



Again part of the black track - getting close to heading into Wisconsin


West of South Wayne - a wooden bridge over 'old' railroad tracks - dead end road


That dead end road - it just looked nice




World's largest em.  Platte Mound N-E of Platville, WI










The Potosi (WI) brewery - Potosi Beer.
Grandfather Adam Schumacher was brewmaster at one time.

There's a webite devoted to the history and restoration
(click to see a nice old picture of the building)

I learned a great deal about my relatives by reading "The Complete History" link (here)


SR-133 about a mile West of Potosi


Heading down a side road to the Mississippi


Down by the river - and that's not even the river - just some backwaters


Yep - nice and muddy - I'll have some cleaning to do...  Maybe.


Just East of Potosi - looking South.  Burlington Northern R.R. Tracks.





Dubuque IA - looking North at the US-20 bridge over the Mississippi


US-20 / Mississippi bridge - heading East / home