Colorado Adventure 2003
Aug 30 - Sept 6

Ken and I took another trip.  This time to the "bumpy sections" of Colorado (just about anything West of the front range / Denver).  We trailered our motorcycles on his trailer behind my car out to Ogallala Nebraska (basically the northeast corner of Colorado).  Each of the Saturdays were car driving days - one day out from Illinois, one day back (about 12 hours each).  Between those two Saturdays were cycle riding days.

The trip was quite refreshing as the week prior was a long one.  Late nights and early mornings with an all-nighter tossed in for good mix.  It wasn't until about Tuesday (Monday was Labor Day) that I recall even thinking about computers.

This trip report has the standard pictures, as well as several short videos, and is organized much like the prior trips - choose a day and see the items.

Saturday Aug 30
3 Pictures, 1 Video
Rockford IL to Ogallala NE
Interstate driving

Sunday Aug 31
23 Pictures, 2 Videos
Ogallala NE to Steamboat Springs CO
Rocky Mountain National Park - Fall River Road
Wide valley north of Rand CO

Monday Sep 1
36 Pictures, 1 Video
Steamboat Springs CO to Leadville CO
Winter Park alpine slide
Guanella Pass
Breckenridge area

Tuesday Sep 2
88 Pictures, 1 Video
Leadville CO to Moab UT
Independence Pass
Grand Mesa
Colorado Route 141

Wednesday Sep 3
59 Pictures, 4 Videos
Moab UT to Cortez CO
Arches National Park
Utah Route 128
CO Route 141 (yep, a second time

Thursday Sep 4
61 Pictures, 1 Video
Cortez CO to Canon City CO
Million Dollar Highway (US 550)
Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Friday Sep 5
33 Pictures, 1 Video
Canon City CO to Ogallala NE
Pikes Peak - via the roadway

Saturday Sep 6
3 Pictures, 0 Video
Ogallala NE to Rockford IL
Interstate driving

Cycle riders can really smell your hot burning brakes when we're behind you coming down the mountain.
Colorado has some wonderful scenery - I want to revisit
Utah shows nice promise too

1991 Honda Accord Wagon
1676 Miles; $178.30; 101.1 Gallons; 29.0 MPG max; 20.0 MPG avg; 15.5 MPG min

1984 Honda Magna V-65 (VF1100C)
2294 Miles; $113.34; 63.88 Gallons; 41.9 MPG max; 37.5 MPG avg; 33.2 MPG min

Download track logs and Street Atlas v4 & v7 maps (120 KB zipped)