Colorado Adventure 2003
Aug 30 - Sept 6


Start in Steamboat Springs.  Some nice valley riding up until Winter Park where we stopped for some ripp'n Alpie Slide action.  Then up and over Berthoud Pass  Down from B.Pass is a long train of RV's - no use in trying to pass.  A short jump west on I-70 to Georgetown where we saw a Roadway? double trailer semi coming down the hill (east towards Denver) with a great deal of smoke.  As it passed we noticed a brake fire.  It was on the other side of the truck so we had a nice view of the inside of the wheel - a continuous ring of fire.  From Georgetown we headed south and up to Guanella Pass.  Next time I'll skip the route.  The view atop was fine but the road getting there and down was terrible - rocky, washboard, large potholes, ugh, not fun.  I'm happy to get off of it w/o a flat tire.  Back down into a nice valley - with another long string of vehicles (this time heading the other way!!) heading back to the cities.  A quick jaunt to Breckenridge (trying to catch another Alpine Slide - 15 minutes too late - closed) for dinner then over to Leadville for some sleep.

Heading south from Steamboat Springs

Canyon with river and R.R. tracks.  East of Kremmling.

West Portal, Moffat Tunnel
The 6.2 mile long tunnel connects between Denver and Salt Lake City
Viewed the alpine slide ski lift at Winter Park

They knew I was coming?

Waiting line for the slide.
Blue and orange sleds hanging on the rack

View from the waiting line at the Winter Park Alpine Slide.
Green carpet of pine trees then the tree line above where trees grow.

What, and miss the rest of the ride??

Sitt'n on a sled, waiting for the person ahead to process some slide.
Push the red handle forward to go faster (deploy wheels), release to 'coast', pull back for brakes.

Alpine slide at Winter Park
It's a bit long but a lot of fun
MPG, 9.7 MB, 1 min 22 sec

Heading up to Berthoud Pass

Stopping for some pictures on the way down from Berthoud Pass

Heading up to Guanella Pass south of Georgetown.
A single boat & fisher in a nice reservoir on a sunny day.

Road from hell - and this was a smooth part

Guanella Pass
The Sawtooth (left), Mt. Bierstadt 14,060 feet (right)

Looking north.  Georgetown & I-70 are down there somewhere.

Road in the distance is the same one

A few more rocks please . . .

Asphalt.  Smooth, smooth asphalt

Heading north to Breckenridge