Colorado Adventure 2003
Aug 30 - Sept 6


Start the day in Canon City and head up Pikes Peak - via the road instead of the cog railway.  Head back to Ogallala NE to the car.

Do Not Enter!  Off the side of the mountain - OK

Up with the clouds - cool

Guardrails, we don't need no stink'ing guardrails...

...After all - it's not STRAIGHT down

Up at the peak.  GPS altitude reading.  This may be the highest land reading it'll ever record.

Pikes Peak & Manitou Springs Cog Railway

This gives new meaning to "the end of the line."

Colorado Springs.  Airport on the east side of town (background) is about 18 miles away.

Enjoying a relaxing afternoon - at the edge of a 14,000 foot mountain.  'Wonder why she didn't want to sit next to hubby?

One computer system did get ordered from up top . . .

Railway maintenance vehicle

Starting the drive back down

The cog railway

Pikes Peak, driving up & railway
MPG, 6.2 MB, 0 min 51 sec

Eastern Colorado - wide open grasslands

Back at the motel.  Cycle riding is complete.

A large battery for the camera (Canon PowerShot A40) was in the front pocket of the left saddle bag.  Wire was taped to the side of the cycle up to the camera which was mounted on the handlebars.  I started the trip with NiMH rechargeable batteries but the camera just ate them up too fast. I keep the camera is in "always on" mode (though the LCD display is off) because if I have to awaken the sleeping camera the item I wanted to capture was already behind me / not in the picture.

Ken gave me this Pikes Peak 'fridge magnet (Thanks Ken!).  I think it's more at home on the gas tank.

Bugs, Bugs, and more Bugs

Just a few on the camera cover.