Colorado Adventure 2003
Aug 30 - Sept 6

Map for the day
Start in Ogallala
1) The Narrows just west of Loveland
2) Fall River Pass road, Rocky Mountain National Park
3) Wide open valley

Super 8, Ogallala NE
They let us keep the car and trailer in their lot while we were away

The Narrows
US 34 west of Loveland CO.  Heading west

 The Narrows
MPG, 5.3 MB, 0 min 44 sec

Heading over the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We took the 'old dirt road' . . .

. . . and it was wonderful

Ken's Honda Magna 750 (red).  My Honda Magna 1100 (black).

Fall River Road
MPG,  4 MB, 0 min 34 sec

Notice the 'snow stick' to the left of the car....  Just to the left of that, up on the ridge, is the visitor center.

Top end of the Fall River Pass road.  From here on down it's two lane asphalt.  I ended up turning the motor off, sitting in neutral and coasting almost the full ride down the west side of the mountain.  Being able listen to the cycle and the road with the motor off for minute after minute was different.

Down in the wide open valley just north of Rand CO
Hi Mom & Dad!

For a full view of the valley
click the picture for a larger size