Colorado Adventure 2003
Aug 30 - Sept 6


Start the day in Cortez Colorado end in Canon City.
A quick trip over to Durango for breakfast then north on the scenic Million Dollar Highway, US 550, through Silverton & Ouray  and on to Montrose.  East from Montrose we jumped up for a stop at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  It's a deep canyon that would surprise many.  It is just too deep to justly catch on camera.  From there we traveled eastward with a plan to jump on a twistie route south but due to fuel we decided on heading eastward to Gunnison - the nearest fuel stop.  From there we continued east to stop at Canon City for the night.  US 550 and the Black Canyon were the highlights.

Heading north on the Million Dollar Highway

Hi Dave (hope I recall your name correctly!).  Just south of Silverton the route was stopped for 30 minutes or so for construction.  Dave runs UPS out of Durango and covers the Silverton area.  There certainly are worse places to have construction stops!  Nice chatting.

Follow the road - around and around

Million Dollar Highway
MPG, 9 MB, 1 min 17 sec

Black Canyon of the Gunnison


Click for a full size version

Out from the Black Canyon we started heading east on US 50, spending a portion alongside the Curecanti National Recreation Area.

On the map you might see a small southward dip that stops.  This is the road where we turned around before heading to Gunnison for fuel.

While we stopped to decide on fuel I clipped a picture of this huge storm off to our east.
It looked magnificent (but I'm glad we weren't under it).

Another storm to our northwest.  Dry roads for us.

Coming into Gunnison we were north of the big storm so I was able to get a picture of it from a different angle.