Undercabinet illumination via LED strips - Version 2
Garage door repair - opener to door attachment plate
Jeep Weights - empty & loaded for camping
Bose Wave Radio repair  AWR1-1W
Camp power with solar panel charging
Dishwasher work
Automatic Pensil Sharpener Company (APSCO) - Automatic Pencil Eraser
Colorado Fires - red cloud & ash on the car
Squirrel cage window fan mounting
Dryer squeak - Inspection, Cleaning, Lubrication
Undercabinet illumination via LED strips - Version 1
2012-11-10 Tech: SuperFlow MV-50 disassembly, modification, reassembly
2012-03-20 Helicopter power line stringing
Early season SNOW - it's a wonderful white day
2008-12-18 Cooking adventure #2  You'd think I could bake pre-mixed cookies
2008-01-21 Photos of the neighborhood fox
2007-08-09 Colorado State University - Annual Flower Trial Garden & some reading by the Cache La Poudre river
2007-07-17 2007 Postcard. The "interactive version" of an 8x10 print collage
2007-07-02 Celestial Seasonings tour, Scenic roads, Denver Light Rail, Union Station, State Capitol, Coors tour, RMNP at night
2007-06-09 Short hike to the falls at Horsetooth Mountain Park
2007-03-17 Safety Town, Elmhurst Illinois
2007-02-02 A "Chicago Day" with Alice
2006-10-09 Lincoln Fleet-Arc Jr. arc welder
2006-08-28 Kenmore front load washer disassembly (broken tub spider)
2005-09 Sale of the 4227 Old Gate Road house
2004-05-31 DISC - Diocesan Information Systems Conference - Colonial Williamsburg
2003-07-30 Hard Drive Data Recovery - Cool the drive with dry ice to keep it running while data is copied from it
2003-03-23 Sony DDS-3 DAT tape drive - Tape mechanism was not working properly.  Disassemble, diagnose, repair, reassemble, test.
2003-02-01 Canon PowerShot A40 - File size comparisons
2002-11-29 Quad Riding in the Desert - Fly to Phoenix, Dinner with friends, Quad Riding - Imperial Sand Dunes.
2002-11-02 Gradeschool items - Confirmation? picture, Tim's Banana Toss letter to the teacher, 8th Grade class picture
2002-08-02 Front Patio - Cement (or is it concrete??) poured near the front door for a small patio for two chairs.
2002-07-18 Seattle Wedding - Dan & Carolina's ceremony.  A ride out US 2 to Leavenworth & Cle Elum and back on I-90
2002-05-01 Ryan leaf blower - motor disassembly
2002-03-17 In House Magnetic Media Fire Protection
2002-02-15 Hard drive magnets
2002-01-19 Mailbox hit - They're at it again...
2001-11-02 Kishwaukee Gorge - A walk through Kishwaukee Gorge Forest Preserve
2001-11-02 NIU East Lagoon - Pictures of the drained lagoon.
2000-08-27 Chicago Boat Tour - I have not listed the names of the buildings - but they look the same either way.
1995-08 Office Move - Pictures of the Lincoln Hwy office and the Oak Street office
1995-07 Julie & Jeff move to TX - Some moving pictures
1995-05 Trip to Tom's with Julie & Jeff - Tom's second apartment, Queen Mary, Hollywood
1994 Late or 1995 Early Michelle visits Tom in California - Yosemite (many pictures), San Francisco, Palm Springs area, Friends.
1990 April Canoe trip with Mark Collins - Mark and I canoe from DeKalb IL to near Cherry Valley IL (13 hours)
1985-Spring Shed door opener - Hand craft a garage door opener for the shed
(Unknown date) Jim - QuickTime Movie (1.3MB) - Compliments of Jyun-Jye Felipe Chen at U of I, web camera, Adobe Premier, Macintosh

Bridges Bridges I've traveled
Lawn Tractors Cub Cadet - as purchased with fire damage, rebuilt, at sale with leaf vac & trailer & Yazoo air conditioning project